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This review may contain spoilers.

it's definitely got some issues and the first half of the movie is a lot more solid than the last, but this movie should not have ended in this way. the main character dies to get the message across? then the cops wrap it up by the end? how did she have so much faith in the justice system after what she'd been through? i remember that violin britney song in the trailer when theaters were a thing and being really excited for this movie, but this was a disappointment. i'm all for exposing shithead bros who participate in their drunk rape culture but i wanted this to go about that in a smarter, more subtle way. The main character is deeply troubled and justifiably so, but when she does fuck a guy up we see no violence and I wonder if the purpose of that was to make the viewer not feel uncomfortable. You don't even see Cassie's face after she was killed. I was hoping for more dark shit in this revenge story but then maybe that just means I should watch Ms. 45. It's a very surface level movie and I had fun watching it, but it's nowhere near as perfect as a lot of people are saying it is.

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