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  • Locke



    This film shows why you shouldn’t cheat.
    Tom Hardy is a very good actor.
    Venom and Spider-Man on the phone together.
    So much happened in 85 minutes.

  • Breathless



    I enjoyed this film more than I expected.
    I enjoyed the long conversations  they had.
    Had to watch this for my film class to get an understanding of french new wave and all that stuff.
    Michel says some funny things.

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  • The Godfather: Part II

    The Godfather: Part II


    It’s probably controversial but I much preferred this film over The Godfather part 1.
    Robert De Niro’s portrayal of a young Vito was very good and I enjoyed those scenes very much.
    Al Pacino really should’ve won the Oscar for this film.

  • Unbreakable



    This is probably the  most realistic superhero film and one of the best it doesn’t need a millions pounds worth of cgi it just has a very cool story.
    And the ending is very good.