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  • Extraction



    If it wasn't for Chris Hemsworth, I honestly drop this star rating by hald a star..

    I love Chris Hemsworth. He's amazing. He looks good in everything. Thor, Cabin in the Woods, my arms...and this movie was no exception. No offense to Netflix but I didn't have high expectations before watching this. Not saying Neflix make shit movies. I mean, they made the Irishman. But as a whole, not amazing.

    The action shots in this movie were great. Not gonna…

  • The Social Network

    The Social Network


    This is possibly one o the greatest movies of the 21st century...

    It's no mystery as to why this is one of the greatest movies of all time. Scripting, music, story-line, cast, cinematography. All done to mere perfection. Personally, I believe Jesse Eisenberg was the best choice to play Mark Zuckerberg as for he played his part to perfection. Andrew Garfield, best known for his role as Peter Parker, is such an underrated character in this movie and deserves much…

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  • Joker



    One of the best cinematic experiences of the 21st century by far...

    It only took me 2 weeks to get to see this movie because the cinema was sold out, but I finally got to see Joker. This movie was, in one word, sensational. Granted, like 60% of this movie was the build up to Joker but that was the beauty of it. This just made the decent into madness so much more sweeter. Phoenix was one of the best…

  • Bee Movie

    Bee Movie


    I've had depression for years, every waking moment was pure agony. The Bee Movie (2007) has cured me in many ways. I am no longer gay, for I now desire bees inside of my being; mentally, emotionally, physically, and sexually. I am no longer atheist, I am now a devote to Barry B Benson, I am a preacher of Bees, and its people. I want to thank The Bee Movie (2007), for healing me. I am blessed to watch this,…