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  • Death Rides a Horse

    Death Rides a Horse


    There's something really cool about having objects or symbols represent bad guys. It feels almost like Mega Man - the Nintendo game.

    John Philip law looks like such a bad ass during his training montage: shooting all the bottles, all of the objects from the hip, rolling around on the ground. I thought this movie was going to be one of the best spaghetti westerns I've ever seen, but ultimiately, John Philip Law just doesn't work. Whether it's his dubbing…

  • God Told Me To

    God Told Me To


    The sniper scene at the beginning brought me right in, and the vignettes of various killings was an interesting touch. It almost seems ripe for a TV series a la High Maintenance, but instead of the Human Condition being connected by a weed dealer on a bike, we have a detective who seems to bring the Divine and supernatural with him where ever he goes.

    Right when I thought this gritty and realistic movie lost steam... the movie got bonkers.…

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  • The Big Short

    The Big Short


    "[D]ullness is actually a much more effective shield than is secrecy. For the great disadvantage of secrecy is that it’s interesting. People are drawn to secrets; they can’t help it."

    — David Foster Wallace, The Pale King

    The financial crisis of 2008, the Iraq War, the Afghanistan War, Edward Snowden and the NSA - all subjects that have shaped my politics of being a son of baby boomers, an employee of a corporation, and most importantly, of being an American.…

  • The Mechanic

    The Mechanic


    Jan Michael-Vincent is a perfect little shit to cast next to Bronson. 

    Rad motorcycle chase, Jerry Fielding’s score captures the mood, and the locations are dope. 

    Someone mind remaking this with the gay relationship that was originally written?