Hell Baby ★★★½

This was honestly quite enjoyable. Not a gut-busting laugh-a-minute riot, but still a fine showing from some guys who just wanted to make a silly film. I don't particularly care for Leslie Bibb so she's the weak link in the cast for me, and although I like Rob Corddry he works better as a wild card than a straight man (see Hot Tub Time Machine for proof). The real show stealer is Keegan-Michael Key as the maybe-neighbor/maybe-squatter who clearly has loads of fun every time he enters the frame (including a pronunciation of the word "poop" that will likely invade my brain anytime I attempt to use the word from here on out), as well as fun appearances of other members of The State and some scene-stealing from directors Garant and Lennon as two badass priests who smoke like chimneys and appreciate food and boobies.

This was a fun, breezy movie that felt like a decent throwback spoof to simpler times, when the genre wasn't about referencing everything popular this exact month. It won't go down in history for anything, but if it's on TV and nothing else interests me I'll probably throw this on quite a few more times.

REVIEW EDITED because wow I was a way shallower fuck a few years ago god I hate that old version of me