Moonlight ★★★★★

i purposely did not look at the trailer, plot and whatever for this movie. i knew just from a description i would love it.

i cant even think of what to type. i related to moonlight, as someone who has never related to a movie it just shocked me. 

i am a black gay and everyday i constantly struggle with my gender identity, sexuality and ive just learned to hate what i am. especially with how the gay community treats black gays i just hated myself more.

this has lead me to poor mental health like depression and i constantly think of killing myself because of who i am. 'why do i have to be a faggot' 'i hate my skin i hate my sexuality. i hate everything about me'

these are constantly my thoughts throughout each day and it just gets worse and worse. 

but moonlight has changed something in me. i related to the teenage chiron so much. i am constantly in fear of people finding out who i am. i fucking felt exactly like the teeange chiron it was so crazy.

but when we see the adult chiron and how he tried to become 'hard' just like his bullies, it saddened me. this is one of my fears of the future, i dont want to pretend to be someone else. 

i hope i find someone like kevin, someone who will help me be happy with who i am. because there is nothing wrong with being a black gay. black gays are beautiful. we deserve love and respect just like the white gays get

i am proud to be a black gay. thank you moonlight.

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