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Rough thoughts only. I make films. I make ambient music.

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  • Brakhage


    Has some really wonderful moments, but by golly, Stan deserves much better.

    I don't mind the extended excerpts of his films as much as I do mind the extended sequences trying to mimic Brakhage's aesthetic set to musique concrete. Pro-tip: your documentary about your subject does not have to resemble the aesthetic your subject practices.

    I mean, these sequences would make sense as a breather from an overload of information, but there's nothing really to take a breather from. Even…

  • The Thing

    The Thing

    Still as mesmerizing as when I was 10 years old.

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  • Good Time

    Good Time

    About perpetually making the worst possible choice, tangling others into a web of mistakes, and yet only seeing one’s own ill-advised outcome as the ultimate goal, showing no remorse for the fate of those who tag along.

    Good Time has the exact same qualities and pitfalls as the Safdie’s feature-length debut. Its meandering structure has something very appealing, forming the kind of short distance road movie that they do really well. Safdie’s put their character in a situation and figure…

  • Chernobyl


    A very expensive Wikipedia-page written with a hammer. It’s so desperately prestige and unnecessarily miserablist (which is quite a feat, considering the historical material), with a fittingly cop-out of a post-script in which ALL THE INTERESTING STUFF is namechecked for about 10 minutes. Most of it is too dumb to make a proper point without blunt repetition. Also comes off as weirdly smug about the whole ‘Soviets Suck’ thing. I don’t know, it had some good bits, but most of…