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  • MacGruber


    Did not finish. 55 minutes, I think.

    I don't find emasculating an over-the-top macho character by continuously feminizing or infantilising him that engaging or funny.

  • Hot Rod

    Hot Rod

    Babe wait. Babe wait! Baabe waaait. BAABE. BABE WAIT! Babe! Babe! Babe! Babe wait! Babe no! Babe no! Babe no! BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAABE! Babe! Babe! Babe! No, Babe! Whaaa-

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  • Good Time

    Good Time

    About perpetually making the worst possible choice, tangling others into a web of mistakes, and yet only seeing one’s own ill-advised outcome as the ultimate goal, showing no remorse for the fate of those who tag along.

    Good Time has the exact same qualities and pitfalls as the Safdie’s feature-length debut. Its meandering structure has something very appealing, forming the kind of short distance road movie that they do really well. Safdie’s put their character in a situation and figure…

  • Chernobyl


    A very expensive Wikipedia-page written with a hammer. It’s so desperately prestige and unnecessarily miserablist (which is quite a feat, considering the historical material), with a fittingly cop-out of a post-script in which ALL THE INTERESTING STUFF is namechecked for about 10 minutes. Most of it is too dumb to make a proper point without blunt repetition. Also comes off as weirdly smug about the whole ‘Soviets Suck’ thing. I don’t know, it had some good bits, but most of…