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  • Blue


    Mein hertz brennt.

  • Halloween II

    Halloween II

    Looming steadicam long takes and anticipatory space in the wide frame galore. Really enjoyed the direct sequel plot, where we can see the fallout from the previous movie unfold. The ensuing chaos, in certain scenes almost procedural, would’ve worked really well as the main focal point, but sadly it goes into hospital as spooky castle territory. Something Rob Zombie did A LOT better.

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  • Good Time

    Good Time

    About perpetually making the worst possible choice, tangling others into a web of mistakes, and yet only seeing one’s own ill-advised outcome as the ultimate goal, showing no remorse for the fate of those who tag along.

    Good Time has the exact same qualities and pitfalls as the Safdie’s feature-length debut. Its meandering structure has something very appealing, forming the kind of short distance road movie that they do really well. Safdie’s put their character in a situation and figure…

  • Such a Pretty Little Beach

    Such a Pretty Little Beach


    A perpetual downpour of a story, combined with surprisingly agile cinematography, makes for an incredible French Noir. I'd say: Bresson meets The Third Man.