2001: A Space Odyssey

First of, I love this fim. It was exactly what I needed right now. A quiet, slow-paced, mostly visual film.

Okay so, the Clavius storyline was probably my favourite “new” discovery this time around. That dry corporate babble, with the monolith excavation looming over everyone’s politeness. Loved the little bit in the shuttle to the excavation, eating sandwiches. “They all taste the same anyway.” It felt real and breathing.

The whole boardroom meeting before the shuttle reminded me a lot of Solaris, which immediately posed an issue (and an unfair comparison): Tarkovsky explores, Kubrick shows. At least, here he does. And that’s where this film faltered a bit for me. In the end, it hints at a bunch of things, shows a lot of visual prowess, and it’s very pre-occupied with the presented technology, but that’s about it. Yes, humans evolve and in that need to grow we sometimes surpass ourselves and create a bad thing. And that’s fine, like I said, this film is wonderful if taken as a purely visual film, but I felt (this time around) there wasn’t much more to be said about it.

I feel like Neil worded this sentiment a lot better in his review.