2+2=22 [The Alphabet]

Three visual aspects. 1) the streets of Georgia, the city in which 2) the band Kreidler are recording their latest record, interrupted by 3) what seem to be scans of Emigholz’ stream of conciousness diaries. Then there’s a voice, female, speaking over the ‘streetscapes’ and notebooks, but never the band. The band creates, while Emigholz observes in long uninterrupted takes, whilst the other two facets seem to adhere to an unheard rhythm. This is the shape of the film.

Emigholz seems fascinated by space and how people inhabit them. How it influences people and their own creations. How the city surrounding it influenced the building in which the band is playing. In the same way Emigholz fills his notebooks with thoughts and reappropriated images, moving through the blank pages with a beautiful effortless (possibly to make sense of things?). The band moves through the studio, creates patterns, distorts them to find new ones, searching.

Such a simple conceit for a film (in formal approach), and yet so deceptive in said simplicity. And a very nice introduction to Emigholz’ 2010s period of filmmaking.