I Graduated, But...

I gave up on Ozu about 7 years ago after absolutely despising An Autumn Afternoon. I remember my apathy grew into annoyance until an apparent boiling point. But my reasoning eludes me. Maybe it had something to do with the Japanese familial structure, how the whole respect your elderly rubbed me the wrong way. And being a rebellious 22-year old, I had no patience for such sentiments.

But over the years I’ve been interested in returning to his work, because I have a feeling that I was wrong, just as I was wrong about Wong Kar-Wai way back when. So, I guess this short is the first step in that direction.

It’s bit of a mess with the intertitles cutting too harshly through the ellipsis and all, but very pleasant nonetheless. I hope the rest of the missing footage detailed about the wife secretely keeping her job and being happy, while the husband starts resenting his job, wanting to rather stay at home.