Ocean's Eight

Way more expressive and crafted than I initially took it for. The getaway scene where everyone descends the stairs dressed up in elaborate dresses, showing off their new jewelry, is not there for coherence (it does not make any sense in the timeline of the heist), but to visually express the feeling of sneakily celebrating their accomplishment. Cate Blanchett getting on a motorbike to then suddenly show up in a sparkly suit across the street from Sandra Bullock exists for that same reason. There’s many moments like it that work. It’s a very infectuous film that doesn’t try to overreach the ambitions of its predecessors, and yet adapts it remarkably well for the digital age. 

Speaking of, I think Gary Ross can be added to the staple of Soderbergh and Mann who’ve fully embraced the idea that digital is a different beast than film and should be treated as such. I mean, I love celluloid as much as the next person, but there’s something so beautiful, even approachable, to how Ross handles the grading (or lack thereof) and treats these ARRI Alexas as if they’re just a big iPhone. We can layer the frame with as much grain and contrast as we want, but in the end, it’s never going to look like 35mm, so why bother?

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