No One Lives ★★★½

No one lives is a good horror intense ride 
That is about theifs who kidnap a couple which they are don’t understand what they got into . Luke Evans kills this role he is badass and while he is not a good person is just actually out protagonist along with Adelaid Clemens but this about Evans is going on a killing spree against these criminals and he does it in a brutal bloody way and you do get some good performances from Lindsey Shaw ,lee fergerson and more but luke Evans shows why he deserves bigger roles and wished he was able to do more Dracula movies (which it didn’t perform well) the practical effects where do pretty good here and there some cgi to the eye shots that felt from the midnight meat train and it is actually directed by the same person Ryuhei kitamura who does a good job here and also the cinematography/lighting also help make the crazy action sequences work .

Some negatives 
- some of the kills were to quick and off screen and I wanted more gore but it does has a lot but to me it need a little Mainly due to some off screen moments 

No one lives is a brutal bloody fast pace ride and also thanks to good practical effects and a terrific performance from Luke Evans I definitely recommend checking this one out