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  • Phantasm



    1) Yes, the shiny little murder sphere stole the show, no wonder it gets the most real estate on the poster.

    2) Every shot of "The Tall Man" was hilarious and eerie at the same time, Angus Scrimm really knows how to give off some vibes.

    3) I was somewhat intrigued by the white room in which the Jawas were grown or mutated/fabricated from dead folks(?) and kept in chemical drums waiting to be sent to the otherworldly or underworldy realm accessed by passing through the silver cylindrical metal posts/tuning fork apparatuses, but really what the hell.

  • Detour

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  • Hal



    Bud Cort sending Hal a dead moth in the mail that he found to be beautiful means everything to me.

  • 20th Century Women

    20th Century Women


    20th Century Women made me feel all the feelings much in the way that Beginners did in 2010. Both movies occupy the same stylistic and psychological world - 20th Century Women seems almost a prequel to Beginners in a strange way. I grew quickly attached to the fun vibrant characters, so much so that I got nervous when I could feel that the end of the film was coming and each character's life trajectory was to be revealed. The same…