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This review may contain spoilers.

Man I fucking loved that. Looking back on the whole thing, you can see how so much of what the cult does feeds into it being a truly empathetic family. Their pained reactions to the guy that doesn’t die after jumping off the cliff, their crying in sync with Dani, even down to their fucking moans of pleasure and stroking themselves as one of them has sex. The whole thing inevitably leading to Dani finally finding self-respect among people who respect her and truly empathize with her feelings, as opposed to Christian who only pretends to care.

So many details are so revealing upon reflection. Like the fact that Dani (and previous may queens) won the dance competition because it requires an element of being in tune with the people around you and their movements. Dani, a very sensitive and caring person, was naturally more aware of the people around her, and in a sense, her being crowned the winner is also crowning her as the most empathetic.

Certainly not as scary as Hereditary, as that felt like a true onslaught of horrific imagery, outside of Josh and Matt’s deaths. It also had a couple of plot points I would've liked to see be more fleshed out (like Connie/Simon's fates, the book of symbols/the incest guy). But overall, a much tighter narrative with so much compelling and well-placed symbolism for what a support network and what relationship should look like. An excellent takedown of harmful relationships, toxic masculinity, and disrespect for other cultures

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