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  • Some Like It Hot

    Some Like It Hot


    Pure. Irresistible. Joy!

    What an absolute delight, this film. Hadn't seen it in years, my wife had never seen it at all, so we turned this puppy on tonight and wow, just basked in some of the best entertainment the cinema has to offer. Everything about this film is so effortlessly cool, smart, funny, and immensely well polished. A supersonic, gender-bending, screwball romp so perfectly crafted that it makes every line hold either a joke, a double meaning, or a…

  • Despair



    Nabokov, Dostoevsky, & Fassbinder walk into a bar…

    It's the beginning of a dreary joke that helms the influence of all three artists, placing their obsessions into a surrealistic noir about madness and paranoia. Sounds cool right? Well, there are many details to admire here, not to mention this is probably the most visually impressive film Fassbinder has made since the exquisitely crafted EFFI BRIEST (1974). With a six-million dollar budget to boot, and Michael Ballhaus behind the camera, it feels…

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  • Chinese Roulette

    Chinese Roulette


    Can empathy be extended to a carefully orchestrated act of social terrorism? What a fascinating question to ask, and even chillier one to explore. Fassbinder goes full-blown EXTERMINATING ANGEL, takes a family of scheming cripples hostage at a country home, then watches them brew together in what feels like a giant pressure cooker. CHINESE ROULETTE marks a return to the psychologically cramped, Bergmanesque "chamber drama," something Fassbinder hasn't suffocated his audiences with since THE BITTER TEARS OF PETRA VON KANT

  • Possession



    Looking for a totally fucked up Halloween film to watch this year? Żuławski's got you covered. Take my advice: stop reading this review if you haven't seen it yet. Go in completely blind. Let this mind-melting, genre-bending, totally unsettling creature-feature devour you whole. Cuz it will. It'll eat you alive then spit you back out to wallow in a puddle of your own nasty-colored secretions. 

    In other words, you have no idea what kind of wtf savagery is about to…