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  • My Friend Dahmer

    My Friend Dahmer


    Want a difficult cinematic challenge? Watch MY FRIEND DAHMER. Wow. I’m way conflicted about it. A character study that looks at the origins of a serial killer and gives only a snapshot into his childhood demons. You might think, why on earth was this made?

    I kept thinking, “Is this story trying to humanize a monster? Extend compassion to the compassionless?” Origin stories, yes, lend context, and with context understanding, and with understanding compassion. But this film is very careful…

  • Voyage in Time

    Voyage in Time

    Best thing I can say about this quasi-documentary starring Tarkovsky himself? I can listen to the guy talk about Bresson, Bergman, and Fellini for hours.

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  • Call Me by Your Name

    Call Me by Your Name


    I have so many thoughts about CALL ME BY YOUR NAME but I feel like such a fraud discussing any of them. Maybe I’m not its audience, but I left feeling moved on so many levels. Such a strong, bittersweet, well-crafted, complicated story on passion, repression, and survival.

  • Ivan's Childhood

    Ivan's Childhood


    An elegant, visually stunning, monochrome war film. Tarkovsky’s first feature film and wow, the camerawork, the deep interiors — so gorgeous, trancelike. Looks at the abject horrors of war through the eyes of a child.

    It’s for sure an anti-war film, it arrives during the Khrushchev Thaw period, which allows it to break out of the propaganda mold of patriotic war films and instead depict its cruel, ugly realities.

    Tarkovsky goes on record to say he wanted to “convey all [his] hatred…