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  • The Criminal Life of Archibaldo de la Cruz

    The Criminal Life of Archibaldo de la Cruz


    Archibaldo isn’t really a criminal in reality. Just in his mind. He premeditates, rehearses, and fantasizes about murder, but always gets thwarted before he fully commits to the act.

    I found the irony this film explores fascinating: A would-be murderer who’s never murdered lives in a world where people think he’s an upstanding citizen when he’s anything but upstanding. 

    The local clergy, government, social elite — they all find him to be an exemplary member of the community. Even when he confesses…

  • Cannibal Tours

    Cannibal Tours


    Within tourism, the primitive "other" occupies a magical position for neocolonial sightseers. The more exotic and detached the landscape is, the greater those wondering resources will be for the inexperienced globetrotter. It will be as two alien worlds colliding respectively on both ends, each with their own ethnocentric assumptions about the other. Some will seek to demystify the touristic attraction by making authentic contact, others will unknowingly exploit the experience by treating it as a Disneyland exhibition.

    The opening epigraph…

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  • Nocturnal Animals

    Nocturnal Animals


    NOCTURNAL ANIMALS is remarkably deft and deliberate. Every element works. Grade A filmmaking. Tom Ford just joined my watchlist. Seriously, this is his 2nd film and he's already channeling Lynch and Kubrick like he's been seasoned for 30 years. Incredible filmmaker. It’s haunting, well executed, scary af, and exhilarating in the best way. Ford should be adapting Cormac McCarthy novels. 

    There’s something very compelling in how he uses aesthetics to frame gender politics and the violence both sexes embody. The…

  • Los Olvidados

    Los Olvidados


    “Behind every beautiful city are poor children.”

    Uncompromising, defiant masterpiece. A loaded shotgun pointed at the injustice of poverty. A primal scream mourning for children without love or education. Buñuel's best.