Django Unchained

Django Unchained ★★

Tarantino goes Looney Tunes on Antebellum American South, and the results are bafflingly dull. To preface, I generally love QT's high-concept revenge fantasies and have felt like most, if not all of them have worked on some level. Even this one has its heart in the right place as it ferments with a righteous rage to mend the wrongs of antiquity. It wants you to root for the underdog and feel morally disgusted with the institution of slavery, and admittedly the concept of a slave-turned-bounty hunter who hunts evil white men is a great concept. I wanted to love it in the same vengefully satisfying way I loved BASTERDS, but the execution *yawn* is just totally underwhelming. 

Almost every scene plays out like an obscene filibuster of Tarantino's most obnoxious dialogue, the kind that stretches on for eons without being remotely interesting. It then gets top-loaded with plot beats that lurch forward without ever hooking, which is tough because things like slavery and racism aren't things that should be turned into entertainment, but the way the story's told just isn't that compelling. You can hear the crickets in the midst of all that talking, and with a runtime close to the three-hour mark, it just gets exhausting. The film is at times brilliant but mostly bloated and in need of a haircut.

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