Spider-Man: Homecoming

Spider-Man: Homecoming ★★★★½

Spider-Man: Homecoming is half superhero movie, half John Hughes teen movie and it is the perfect mix. This is my second favorite Spider-Man movie of the 6 main films. Tom Holland does an excellent job playing Spider-Man, he is young, nerdy and awkward, but also ripped. Ned, Spider-Man's friend/sidekick in this movie is funny. The comedy in this movie is excellent and in abundance, which is very very good, I think I laughed more times in this movie than any other Marvel movie. The story is really good, following Peter Parker as he tries to balance school, and being a superhero and all the responsibilities that come with it. The superhero scenes in the movie are epic and awesome, and the John Hughes high school movie parts are extremely enjoyable were some of my favorite parts of the movie. The only things I that I didn't like a little bit about this movie was that it sometimes strayed from the comics but other than that I thought it was very good.