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  • The Devil's Candy

    The Devil's Candy


    First off... the scenes featuring shirtless and/or pantsless Ethan Embry please me... now, on to the movie itself... 

    Tons of horror flicks utilize metal music for obvious reasons, but this flick's kickass soundtrack works especially well due to its totally balls to the wall style and narrative 

    This movie knows exactly what it is without drifting into parodic territory--it's smart without being pretentious--it's loud without drowning out its understated wit

    And maybe it's weird to say, but this may be…

  • Wolfen



    A surprisingly decent supernatural-detective picture, considering it was an absolute clusterfuck off camera... budget problems, three directors, reshoots, four editors, multiple cuts, weak dialogue replacement, etc

    And (reportedly) there were actual sharpshooters on set with orders to kill any actual wolves that misbehaved... so that's fairly, ya know, um, fucked

    Crazy to think that Dustin Hoffman supposedly wanted to be a part of this... but looking at the story skeletally, I could maybe see why...

    This movie tries so gosh…

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  • The Dead Zone

    The Dead Zone


    Cronenberg's team somehow turned a super well structured King novel into an impeccably engineered film that's equal parts supernatural, psychological, and political--and captured one of Walken's most vivid performances

  • The Addiction

    The Addiction


    Is this a genre picture masquerading as pretentious art cinema, or is this pretentious art cinema masquerading as a genre picture? Either way, it's exceptional. Although the primary [addiction] allegory is heavy-handed as hell, what truly elevates the film are its corollary meditations on sin, regret, and the nature of evil--and, of course, Taylor's superb embodiment of each.