Everything Everywhere All at Once

Everything Everywhere All at Once ★★★★

it's nice that we have a more accessible Endwalker / Matrix: Resurrections / Sonny Boy / Thrice Upon a Time / 24 for normies and redditors.

it should have dropped last year to truly round out 2021 as the bloomer year for media across the mediums. life-affirming cinema is the best cinema, and more mass appeal films should fully embrace affirmation of life, and tell nihilism to fuck off and die.

i cried a lot. and just like the same way as i hopped through different universes in this film, i think of its themes and i hopped through all those things i experienced last year. all the movies i listed above, the music, the video games. all the memories i shared with those close to me, the challenges i overcame, the times my faith was tested.

and now at this stage of my life when i've finally accepted the fact that there's actually a future for me to look towards, this film speaks for what 2021 reaffirmed to me, the most important lesson i have learned in my 25 years of life. it's a lesson i've forgotten, turned my back on, but have rediscovered time and again, like the universe or God tapping me on my shoulder.

so then.

if nothing makes sense then anything we choose can make sense. if nothing matters, then doesn't that mean everything matters?

every decision, every memory made, every belief we pour our faith into, spirals into an infinite and unfathomable infinity that can branch into another infinite and unfathomable infinity. everything matters.

but with all that said, what if we strip all of it away?

strip away all that and strip away all the moments that make you, you, everything that supposedly matters, what is left?

not what, but who? without everything that is bound to disappear, who else remains but the other small insignificant pieces of shit who fight alongside us? who else but the ones who make us rediscover who we are? who else but the ones who sometimes understands us better than we understand ourselves? who else but the ones who also had everything stripped away, but chose to keep fighting, to keep being there by your side?

and if these people disappear, if these people dear to you are stripped away? then what? what is left?

if there is nobody there right now, there always, always, always will be. because you're still alive. and you still exist. that means you can forge the bonds even if you're alone, even if you're at your lowest, even if you're at your most broken.

because when everything and everyone that matters is gone, that's your cue to find it all again.

so what else is left?

what else, but kindness?

what else but goodwill?

what else but love?

we're not alone and we're not unloveable.

and we're gonna be okay.

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