Blindspotting ★★★★½

Speaking of a serious matters like races, and racism is a wide path that we were walking through it for
a long while, we watched a lot of films at cinema with an uneven ways to making a solid pieces of art, regarding the fact that there are many films from
a filmmakers who are considerably known in such these themes that frequently leaves its impact on us powerfully. BLINDSPOTTING was made expertly from a director who I can consider him as one of the promising modren directors in this time. BLINDSPOTTING is authentically truthful work that performed its elements stylistically intense, with
a charming power of the extraordinary performances & excellent screenplay from Rafael Casal & Daveed Diggs. The story of BLINDSPOTTING almost hasn‘t given us anything new, but the way that it using the artistic elements to employ the subject is striking, and originally coherent; which was taking a comedic, funny, and dark road to make the main idea very clear to the viewer.

BLINDSPOTTING is a kind of film that proves itself as intensely incredible as the power that jaw-dropping the charm from the directing & screenplay. BLINDSPOTTING is one of the darkest films in its main idea that taking the viewer to the real truth in an explicit way. The film was smartly put each cinematic element in its correct place with
a captivating touch between its surface and its limits. BLINDSPOTTING made a hilarious humour with a honest technique that transformed the atmosphere from its conventional style to be a raw, clever style at every scene fantastically. Overall, BLINDSPOTTING is powerful film in its marvelous technical aspects, and a solid screenplay that written coherently, with a brilliant performances which made it close to be a masterpiece among the greatest films in 2018.

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