Buffalo '66

Buffalo '66 ★★★★½

Buffalo '66 is a memorable, dazzling, striking, and poetic film that have a lot of similar things, elements of other films, which some of it are masterpieces completely; such as: Paris, Texas (1984) & Mystery Train (1989), but there is a fact that these films are completely different, and uncomparable for sure. The similar elements in Buffalo '66 were powerfully seems like its director liked those films that
I mentioned above, and wanted to be its atmosphere, structure, memories, sounds similar to makes us remember how those films were incredibly made, and perfectly written. The film opens up with
Billy, a person who was just got out of jail after he sat in it for 5 years; he kidnapped a girl who was forced to be his wife for his parents; the girl was nervous, emotional, and she was forced to doing things that she was did not want to do. The story was trying to shows an odd love story that was an uneven, confusing, and slightly dry. The beginning of the film was remarkable, was a smart idea to opens a film that its events seemed cold, and hardly being notable as much as the events of Paris, Texas (1984) as an exampel. The performances from each characters' were made a fantastic stuff, emotionally tragic at times. It is a film where its main characters are tackling a broken love story that from some facets that talked about memories, pains, and the human‘s ability when he/she wants to hurt someone else, when he/she wants to do something worng as like as they killing their enimies. It is such a gorgeous, beautiful, and moving deeply film, which is profoundly was digging within the human‘s ability in this life. The man is depressing, sad, lonely, and having an anxiety by headache, or something like that. The loneliness, depression, and anxiety is nothing but an illnesses that must‘ve been cured as soon as possible. Overall, the film was clever, calm and disturbing sometimes, and fantastically realistic in its thoughts at each side of it.

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