Under the Silver Lake ★★½

إذا طلبت Inherent Vice و Mulholland Drive من القُمامة.

Inherent Vice + Mulholland Drive = Under the Silver Lake.

This film was one of the most anticipated films of 2018 for me, and now I feel a lot of disappointment.
Why this film in such a stupid way?
This film needs too much of editing to be better than what it is. A clunky story that employed in a too cold way. The film sounds like a mixture between David Lynch‘s masterpiece: Mulholland Drive (2001) & Paul Thomas Anderson‘s masterful piece: Inherent Vice (2014); I felt like I was watching a remake of these films which I mentioned it above. There are many boring moments, or at least: a senseless sequences that was meaningless in its surface, and without any right depths in its storylines. The storytelling was clear from the first half of the film in such an awkward way. The film was using Lynch‘s style in its scenes in a funny technique with a fake performances who were in the wrong place. The directing was nothing but a harmful to the film obviously; and not to mention that each aspect of the film was overwhelmingly sucks.

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