Lawless ★★★★

The story may be a little messy in spots, but Lawless makes up for this with great performances and an interesting story nonetheless. Shia LaBeouf shows that he can act when he is given a good script to work with, and he was able to pull off the emotional moments. Tom Hardy was awesome, and his character feels like a throwback to Eastwood since he grunts a lot. Jason Clarke is given the least amount of screen time, but his character is pretty intimidating when he is onscreen. Guy Pearce gives, not only the best performance of the film, but one of the best of the year. He is one of my favorite villains, and a person that I would never want to cross paths with. He is the definition of a ruthless man. The violence is fast, brutal, and even a bit shocking at times, and this helps add to the feeling of what it could be like to live during the Prohibition era. The production design perfectly pulls off the look of the 1920s-1940s. Lawless is entertaining, but the pacing feels uneven at times and the ending felt rushed.