The Favourite

The Favourite ★★★★★

You know I thought this would be the one Yorgos movie that isn’t weirdly horny and that bastard got me again! Yorgos Lanthimos has crafted a period piece that doesn’t blend in with the slew of others that have come out in recent times. Instead, he’s crafted another spectacle of camerawork and quirk that could only be crafted by his mind. Reminded me a lot of PTA’s Phantom Thread, as I struggled to find any imperfections passed the slowness of it all, and it is a film that feels so expertly crafted. 

Perfect music, cinematography, and acting. Only Yorgos could depict the wealthy with such coldness, spite, and disgust, as it should be. Is it weird that this film made me wish we got a Hunger Games directed by him? Rachel Weisz is absolutely spectacular and her performance in this film is quite possibly the best I’ve seen of the year. I knew as soon as I saw this trailer that we’d all regret giving Emma Stone an Oscar for La La Land when she had this perfect and deserving performance of hers in this film.

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