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  • High Life

    High Life


    While I understand the audiences hated this, I kind of agree with the critics who rated this highly - I wouldn't rate it highly, but I did really enjoy it.

  • Yesterday



    I wish it was yesterday so I could tell myself not to go and watch this piece of shit. I saw it with my parents, who love The Beatles, and they agreed with me that it was fucking terrible.

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  • Soul Man

    Soul Man


    I found this for $1 and read the following description on the back:

    "Mark Watson needs a scholarship to get into Harvard Law School. There's one available for a black student. The only problem is that Mark's not black...yet."

    I bought it immediately without reading the rest. And I can understand why most of the reviews talk about it being awful or racist or whatever, but honestly, it's an 80s comedy. 70s/80s comedies were all about testing the limits, going…

  • Albert Fish: In Sin He Found Salvation

    Albert Fish: In Sin He Found Salvation


    I am a massive serial killer enthusiast. I probably should have looked up more information on this film before watching it, but this was just awful. Even if I wasn't that knowledgable on murderers, this film was basically just someone reading out Albert Fish's Wikipedia, combining it with cheap reenactments and old images, a really poor effort of a film.