As soon as Bryce Dallas Howard speaks for the first time you get a sinking feeling. No living person would let their mother be played like that in a biopic they had a massive hand in the production of if some bad shit hadn't gone down. And sure enough!

Ultimately, it's a formulaic biopic that hits all the beats of every musician biopic (they all grew up middle class in England, even Johnny Cash) and that's a real shame because it spends about 15% of its time being beautifully stupid and extravagant in a way that honors the source material. The little kid at the bottom of the pool singing Rocket Man to a suicidal Elton John was absolutely the cinematic equivalent of Elton John performing blackout drunk in a Donald Duck costume. The only real problem is when he comes up for air he's still in a biopic.

During the Take Me To The Pilot sex scene a guy a few rows ahead of me started recording the movie on his phone. We never truly know the hearts or minds of our fellow man.

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