The Santa Clause

The Santa Clause

This was my family's Christmas movie growing up so I'll always have a soft spot for it. Scott Calvin pre-Santafication and my dad in the 90s have very similar sense of humor which gives me warmer feelings for this movie than basically any other Christmas movie that doesn't star a round headed kid. There's a shot in this when Scott says he doesn't believe in Santa at the North Pole and they cut to a toddler elf who is close to tears and it's one of my first memories of being moved to tears with laughter by a movie. You can't write something like that off.

It's obviously not great and weirdly boring for such a good premise (a jerk accidentally murders Santa and is magically forced to become him with the aid of some elves who do not mourn the old Santa) but there's something I found really appealing about how it presents Christmas as a hassle you have to endure against your will. It ultimately succumbs to sentimentality but whatever, you can't expect this Disney movie to dismantle such a moneymaking holiday.

It's been mentioned before but the idea that adults don't believe in Santa in a world where he actually exists and delivers presents that the parents didn't buy is insane. What do they think is happening?

One last thing: we saw this over the summer at some theater that was for some reason still playing it when we went to go visit my grandparents in Tennessee and the film melted during a scene where Scott walked down some stairs, turning him briefly into a Francis Bacon figure with an insanely deep voice. My little brother screamed bloody murder and remained terrified of this movie for a solid year. But it didn't matter. The Reese family had already decided this was our holiday movie. Tough shit, Benny Boy.

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