Titanic β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…

after 15mg of sativa edible and 3 massive weed pen hits i realized i forgot my eye drops and feared my contacts would dry out. thankfully this ceased to be an issue the second we hit the I'm flying, Jack! scene 😭 the bittersweet intimacy of the lingering hand and waist-holding against their last golden sunset... the trust and love and passion and yearning inherent in each ephemeral touch... will we ever get anything as earnestly romantic, and on this grand of a scale, as Titanic ever again? is this the capital-B Best blockbuster ever made (in the sense that it has a little of almost every genre)? will the 2032 re-release be in 5D, and will we be able to physically feel the CLUNK and subsequent spinning sensation of that poor guy who hits the propellor on his way down?

answers: No, Yes, One Can Only Dream πŸ’™

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