Twilight ★★★

read a few chapters of midnight sun for the Into The Twilight podcast before i felt my brain actively melt and had to stop. in chapter 13, however, edward asks bella what her favorite movies are, and her answers made the slog so worth it. here is her baffling little list; please feel free to psychoanalyze her potential letterboxd (hold the misogyny tho):

1. pride and prejudice, but she’s careful to specify “the 6 hour version with colin firth.” what the hell does bella have against emmy nominee matthew macfadyen 
2. beauty and the beast. a little on the nose there!
3. vertigo (?)
4. empire strikes back (???)
5. monty python and the holy grail (????????? she has never laughed once in her life, much less at buffoonery)
6. GATTACA!!!!!!!!!!! ONE OF BELLA SWAN’S FAVORITE MOVIES IS GATTACA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! she doesn’t just like it. it’s one of her FAVORITES. like she’s a high school biology teacher who screens it every year during the genetics unit as an excuse to look at jude law. oh no i’m being haunted by a vision of edward and bella watching gattaca in bio class together. oh no it’s hot

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