Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure

Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure ★★★½

Despite an over-simplicity to the narrative and truly juvenile comedy at times, BILL & TED’s first adventure is comprised of a special sweetness and ‘kind’ enthusiasm.

Unlike so many of the stoner cliches which preceded and which followed EXCELLENT ADVENTURE, Reeves and Winter play earnestly good intentioned characters.  They are not losers, nor potheads, nor indifferent, nor lazy, nor disrespectful, nor troubled, nor negative, nor antiestablishment.  There is not a ‘meh’ in their bodies.  And this refreshing take—of slackers who aren’t slack and surfer-dudes who don’t surf—being executed by solid comedic performances by Reeves and Winter make the silly notion of doing a history project via time travel engaging for the film’s brief runtime.

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