Django Unchained ★★★★

DJANGO is pretty damn good. It's a beautiful-looking western with spectacular imagery. It's got a wonderfully calculated score and soundtrack edited perfectly into the flow of Tarantino's narrative.

However, DJANGO UNCHAINED does not as effectively recreate a Western's stylings (or for that matter a revenge-film's stylings) as KILL BILL did with (Kung Fu films and 1970s revenge). Furthermore, DJANGO isn't as effective with farting around with history as INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS was. Honestly, DJANGO's largest issue is Django--Jamie Foxx's character. Unfortunately, Foxx is silent for too long to make his revenge a meaningful climax. And throughout, he's Waltz's right-hand man which gives takes a way quite a bit from the central belonging to Django.

But despite my quibbling, Tarantino serves up plenty of style and enthusiasm in the script and the storytelling. Waltz's dentistry wagon and Django's ridiculous blue outfit are just two of the film's quieter eccentricities, and there are plenty to go around. And the 'bag head' scene may be the funniest scene he's written this decade. The guy is truly exceptional even in his lesser films.

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