Jaws 3-D

JAWS 3-D is a pretty pathetic piece of cinema. Storytelling capacity by this point in the history of studio films--at least to some degree--had certainly shifted to the brainiacs in charge of marketing. Product placements, gimmicky shots, and blockbuster-copycatting is in full swing here.

What's bizarre in JAWS 3-D is how gaudy the result is. Never mind that Dennis Quaid and Louis Gosset Jr.'s characters are atrocious caricatures, but the 3-D shots are awkward (and not just from being dated). The editing is jarring and the underwater headquarters set is C-movie cheesey. And then, there's the shark-cam--that painfully stupid POV shot from the shark's tonsils--it makes one feel bad for everyone on set who worked on it.

JAWS 3-D was mostly uncomfortably bad throughout--in pretty much every way. I had hoped that maybe, after all these years since I'd last seen it, that it might be hilariously bad and I'd amuse myself with a late-night screening. Sadly, though, it was just not-bad enough to make me smile with giddiness.

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