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  • mother!


    just like that sink, i was NOT braced

  • Things to Come

    Things to Come


    reasons why isabelle huppert x pandora the cat is the most accurate portrayal of cat/human relationships i've ever seen onscreen:

    - when isabelle huppert shakes the food container to get pandora to come out of hiding
    - when isabelle constantly complains about pandora but then she's upset when pandora runs away 
    - when isabelle hugs her & happily says "punishment time!" when pandora returns the next day
    - when pandora brings isabelle a mouse & isabelle says "is this supposed to be a compliment"
    - when isabelle has a breakdown & sobs in bed while snuggling pandora

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  • Colossal



    there's a scene where anne hathaway goes to an old western section of a bar & says "it's like a fuckin wes anderson movie in here!" 

    do you think that wes will ever see this film? if so, do you think he will be pleasantly surprised to have his name dropped like that? or do you think he'll be like "... um ... no it's not... ?" and uncomfortably fidget in his yellow corduroy suit?
    do you think the filmmakers got…

  • Okja



    all meat is Bad except for jacob benjamin gyllenhaal's thighs