As Above, So Below ★★★½

flirting is raiding tombs and solving deadly mysteries together. it’s ripping ancient tablets off the museum wall to hunt for clues while your crush reluctantly translates and nervously paces. it’s delving into the Paris catacombs despite your cave phobia because you’re secretly in love with this brilliant archaeologist even if you won’t admit it. it’s spending a week in a turkish jail for said archaeologist and complaining to her about it even though, god, it was the best week of your life.

flirting is crawling through claustrophobic tunnels of human bones, of gushing blood, until you find the entrance to the underworld. it’s her saying “according to mythology, this is the inscription on the gates of hell” and his responding “that occurred to me too” and meaning it. flirting is knowing exactly what genius thing the other is going to say but still being thrilled when they say it. it’s finally confronting your past traumas together, even if it took this crazy dangerous expedition instead of communication and therapy. flirting is running through the nine circles of hell and back again, all in the name of love. 

my wacky take on this critically panned found footage horror that i love completely unironically is that it works better as a slow burn romance :) good night (it’s 2:42 pm)

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