Carol ★★★★★

this is the lesbian movie i've been waiting for!!!! there are so many things done right here
1. they never wear bras which is great because i haven't worn a bra in 3 years & it's so comfortable & i love when other girls are comfortable
2. a non-objectifying sex scene! i'm so tired of lesbian sex scenes that are just there for dudes to jack off to
3. the costumes are so beautiful ... i cry ...
4. the director is actually gay! & sarah paulson & carrie brownstein are also gay! yay!
5. todd haynes specifically cut a scene where therese gives a guy a handjob because this is a movie about female rather than male pleasure & i love that. there are nowhere near enough movies that focus on female pleasure
6. there's one last thing that's done right but it's a little bit of a SPOILER: it doesn't end in tragedy. i think every gay movie i've seen has ended with someone killing themself or getting killed in a hate crime or some kind of tragic event. Carol does not. & that is my absolute favorite thing about it.
Carol is the only romance movie that matters to me.

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