Clockwatchers ★★★½

thirst-watching parker posey’s varied filmography occasionally unearths some hidden gems!! clockwatchers captures how frustratingly soul-sucking menial office work is, specifically through the lens of women temps. i work at a bookstore for minimum wage and sometimes i feel like a nameless ghost haunting an unmarked grave, cursed to barely exist in purgatory. if i disappeared, who would care? 

in one scene, toni collette gazes wistfully at a fish tank, identifying with the trapped, aimless goldfish. later, she discovers that parker posey scratched “I WAS NEVER HERE” into her own desk, so she scratches out the “NEVER.” the significance of solidarity, tenacity, autonomy, and so much more is vacuum-packed into this small moment. 

ultimately, the work we are pressured to do to survive in this corporate late-capitalist hellscape may not really matter, but we do.