Cool Hand Luke ★★★★

cool hand luke ate 50 eggs? ok. brad pitt ate 40 cocktail shrimp for a scene in ocean’s eleven. you realize how many shrimp that is? because i didn’t and had to google a pic for reference and actually found one. i’m freaking out. he didn’t have to do it but he did. he did that for the art. for us. AND that was REAL LIFE!!!!! how many eggs did paul newman actually eat for this. i bet it wasn’t 50. i’m looking it up now and I WAS RIGHT!! he didn’t like eggs and didn’t really swallow any!!!! (no shade to paul newman btw. you ruled dude — i’m boring and don’t use condiments but if i did i’d buy yours)

my point is ... remakes are generally BAD (unless they’re ocean’s eleven)and i promise i won’t ever do this even though i do possess the technology but what if i went back to 1998 and forced brad pitt to remake this instead of remaking death takes a holiday (1934) as fuckin meet joe black. i’m NEVER going to do it because i vowed long ago to never abuse my powers but what if i did it. what are you gonna do, be mad