Dreamscape ★★½

the letterboxd poster heavily implies that this is an indiana jones rip-off, and in some ways, it is! for example:
-dennis quaid = harrison ford lite
-kate capshaw, wife of stephen spielberg and worst part of temple of doom (which also came out in 1984), is the Passive Love Interest
-there's a Kid who only exists so our Hero can be fatherly to him, causing the Love Interest to think, "huh, maybe this guy is more sensitive than i thought! that's hot" (did you know that all it takes for women to forgive men for being skeezy is to see them be nice to a child once)
-the Villain rips a man's still-beating heart out of his chest
-whole subplot where our Hero has to face his fear of snakes and fights one with fire

in every other conceivable way, however, it is not! go into this one with no expectations whatsoever of seeing anything that belongs in a museum