Ferris Bueller's Day Off ★★★★★

ferris bueller is the original manic pixie dream boy. the “””quirky””” clashing patterns. the whimsical public singing and dancing. the naïve-yet-admirable way he manages to truly treasure the scraps of joy we scavenge from existence. how he ultimately exists so others (namely cameron) can reflect on their own cynicism and lack of passion in their dull lives. his constant performance of this apocryphal persona of what he thinks a Cool Guy would act like so he doesn’t have to excavate the real version of himself. (haha just kidding, that would imply depth!)

but the most damning evidence of all, the ultimate MPDB proof: he’s not even the protagonist of his own movie.

ferris stays more or less the same throughout the whole film — it’s cameron who actually has a character arc and undergoes the most personal growth!!! therefore, ferris bueller’s day off broke new ground in the severely underrepresented manic pixie dream boy film canon. why didn’t hollywood make a million MPDB films after this one?? and WHAT’S STOPPING THEM FROM DOING IT NOW???????

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