Homecoming: A Film by Beyoncé ★★★★½

loving this win-win concept of both making historic live performances accessible to the public (still bitter that i’ll never see lee pace as joe pitt in the 2018 broadway production of angels in america) while also innovating creative new ways to translate the energy of the show to the screen! most of these cinematic experimentations worked — the few that didn’t ... whatever! the world’s greatest performer/closest earthly tether to divinity can do anything she wants and i can’t say shit!!!!

mmmmmm wait actually i would like to say one quick shit. this is 100% a Me Problem but ... interesting how the runtime is 137 minutes and they couldn’t fit more than 45 seconds of Hold Up huh 🤔 IT’S FINE THOUGH!!! like IT’S FINE i’m sure she had her reasons i’m JUST SAYING

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