I Shot Andy Warhol ★★★★

"The female function is to groove, relate, love, be herself, discover, explore, invent, solve problems, crack jokes, make music, all with love."

very interesting foil to Once Upon A Time in Hollywood's image of 1969 LA, as valerie solanas' attempted assassination of andy warhol occurred just one year earlier in NYC. both violent events marked the brutal death of the freewheeling 60s, and both were (peculiarly) committed by women.

director mary harron also recently released her latest film Charlie Says, which follows the manson girls as they reflect on their experiences with being brainwashed and controlled by charlie, while also learning to accept the reality of what they did. haven't seen it yet, so i can't speak to its quality/level of sensitivity, but the impressive skill on display here in her directorial debut (!!!) ups my confidence that harron was the right person to tell thorny stories like these. she exhibits a clear knack for deftly delving into the most disturbed parts of the psyche with just the right amount of empathy -- it's absolutely grievous how her career didn't skyrocket after American Psycho!!!