John Wick ★★★½

it's like, i just love a hitman you know?
i'm just like, i just, i know it's bad but i'm just like, can i just like, ride in the back of your Ford, and can you shoot a little fASTER???

🎶3 am, Mustang speedin'
two russians, headed for a dead end
hell yeah, that’s right: he stabbed
a pencil through three bad guys
hollerin' over pistols whippin’
wick’s after vengeance against Theon
won’t quit, tonight, slayin’ in the moonlight

every john is just the same
i’m sick of their city games
i crave a real wild man
i’m strung out on JOHN WICK
daisy, they’ll all diiiiie
daisy, let’s kill guuuuuys

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