Joy Street ★★★★

in the real life world, i love to gently hold the tops of people's hands and ask them solemnly, "do you dream?"

pretend i am doing that now, please.

"do you dream?"

if you said yes, then i will say "oh, good! me too!" and smile at our newfound kinship.
if you hesitated for more than 2.5 seconds or said "i used to" then i will ask you if you like mulholland drive and tread cautiously from there.
if you said no then you probably didn't even imagine my holding the top of your hands did you? that's okay. i'm sorry you don't dream.

BUT for my new friends who said yes and/or enjoy mulholland drive, isn't it a lovely feeling to see a familiar image and think, "i've been here in a dream!"? isn't it comforting to know that others' subconsciouses speak the same language as yours?

visionary new friends, this one is a must-watch. every animation by suzan pitt is a must-watch. i just found out that she died this year. did you know that? clearly, i didn't. and it's terrible that i didn't know that. in an ideal world, everyone would know that.

streaming on criterion channel!

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