Life ★★

The Official ROBsessed Thirst-Watching Guide

CHAPTER 7: LIFE (2015)
i like dane dehaan! i do! i really do! but dane dehaan as james dean? dane dehaan as james dean giving multiple long, rambling monologues that you barely understand because he mumbles all his lines? dane dehaan as james dean taking valuable screen time away from the objectively less interesting photographer character played by robert pattinson? and worst of all ... dane dehaan as james dean interacting with eartha kitt but not reenacting the legendary threesome they had with paul newman?!?!?!?!

✮ ✮ ✮ ½ ✩ -- 3.5/5
good news: dark hair, fitted suits, tie tucked into button down so it doesn’t drip into his dark room chemicals 🥰
bad news: rob’s technically a lead, but has very little material to work with. his character is NOT that weird 😔
BEST news: his character is at least a LITTLE weird. rob gets hopped up on benzedrines and projectile vomits through his fingers all over his 6-year-old son. then he goes to times square and tells james dean, “i vomited on my son.” it may be the only vomit scene i’ve ever laughed at, but i don’t think it was supposed to be played for laughs. anyway, it reminded us why we do this grueling work, why we signed up to watch every single robert pattinson film... for moments like these 🥲

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