Long Shot ★★★½

“dorky guy lands hot girl way out of his league” is one of my ultimate trope pet peeves so i fully expected to hate this and then it MADE ME LAUGH!!?!?!?! KIND OF A LOT!!!?!??!!! there are definitely some pacing problems, and kind of a weirdly muddled message about centrism that could’ve been elaborated on or dropped, but also they let charlize be funny, bob odenkirk plays the president, and there’s a direct reference to charli xcx. great job!

it would’ve been sooooo easy to include a conflict where fred (rogen) feels “emasculated” by how powerful charlotte (theron) is, but thankfully, aside from a brief convo where he says it’s not a problem, this doesn’t come up.  he’s a talented journalist whose biggest character flaws are that he cares too much about the world and sticks too hard to his morals/authentic self — not bad, honestly! the romance is believable in the semi-absurd diegetic world of the movie, and, miraculously, almost real-life believable. need more goofy nice guy romantic leads who are ACTUALLY nice and not just pretending to be until she either accepts or declines sex with him! now THAT’S the titular Long Shot