Minnie and Moskowitz ★★★★

“You know I think that movies are a conspiracy? I mean it. I mean it. They are actually a conspiracy. Because they set you up. They set you up from the time you’re a little kid. They set you up to believe in everything. They set you up to believe in ideals and strength and good guys and romance and, of course, love. Love. So you believe it, right? You go out, you start looking. It doesn’t happen, you keep looking. You get a job and you spend a lot of time fixing up things. Your apartment and jazz and you learn how to be feminine. You know, quotes, ‘feminine.’ You learn how to cook. There’s no Charles Boyer in my life. You know? I never even met a Charles Boyer. I never met Clark Gable, I never met Humphrey Bogart, I never met any of them. You know who I mean. They don’t exist. That’s the truth. But the movies set you up, you know? They set you up, and no matter how bright you are, you believe it.“ 

4th day living in LA. this rare john cassavetes picture that i’ve been trying to track down for several months just happened to be screening at a theater 3 miles from my apartment. a trailer for there will be blood inexplicably played before it. i know this romantic idealism burning in my bones may fade in a couple weeks but for now i’m striding between the palm trees and tearing up on the streets at the sight of the hollywood sign and gasping in awe every time i zoom past mulholland drive. there’s still so much about life and love that i don’t understand yet — the only thing i’ve ever been sure of is that i believe in the conspiracy of movies, i really truly do. :’)

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