Morning Glory ★★

big mistake here was mis-casting jeff goldblum as the mean boss. as if his entire being doesn't exude Cool Boss Energy. as if he wouldn't insist his workplace partakes in Smooth Jazz Fridays where he brings his alto sax and improvises a jaunty tune for his employees. and he doesn't even play sax -- he plays piano -- but it's too difficult to lug a grand piano that meets his standards up to the 34th floor so he just plays his sax and tries his best. and at first the office is annoyed that they have to listen to their boss badly play the sax every friday, but then when you finally work up the courage to bring and play your trumpet, which you've been practicing extra hard to impress him, he claps a hand on your shoulder, looks into your eyes, and says, "that was magnificent." and all your resentment melts away. you love Smooth Jazz Fridays now. and you love your Cool Boss Jeff Goldblum.