My Teacher, My Obsession

from the netflix description: “When Riley changed schools, she didn't expect the girls to crush on her English teacher dad.”

really? your dad looks like THIS and you didn’t expect a room full of horny pubescents to crush on him? AND he teaches ENGLISH, the objectively sexiest high school subject? this guy isn’t even close to my physical type (i am very small and muscles scare me) but if i were back in high school he’d be the only thing getting me through each hellish day. 

ok, now let’s swap stories about the teacher we crushed on in high school! i’ll start: i had a crush on my senior year history teacher. he was about 30 and played guitar in a band and i burned a vampire weekend CD for him (IT WAS 2013!!!) which he told me he listened to in the car every day on his way to work. then he told the class reverse racism was real and suddenly it was all over :(