Personal Velocity ★★★½

similar to kelly reichardts’s excellent Certain Women in the sense that it consists of 3 vignettes that employ realism to explore the ways in which 3 unrelated women are constrained by societal forces around them. 

dissimilar to Certain Women in the sense that this one is messier and varies in tone, undercutting the naturalism of the lead performances with sometimes stereotypical dialogue choices (example: a teen boy unsuccessfully hits on kyra sedgwick, then proclaims to his pals “she wants me” 🙄). if you’re going to shoot a film on a cheap handheld camera in the style of an intimate home video, it needs to feel like, well, an intimate home video. and in its best moments, it does!

the incessant voiceover narration is also a bit overkill — rebecca miller’s prose is beautiful, but her book of short stories that she based this film on don’t necessarily translate well to the screen. still, it’s difficult for me to rag too hard on an indie work that’s clearly committed to probing the thorny interiority of “complicated” women. 

extra half star for my gal parker posey’s segment <3

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