Red Road ★★★★½

hello! i am —no joke— having vulva surgery today (vestibulectomy to be precise) and my one wish is for everyone to watch this supremely underrated andrea arnold movie. i feel ashamed for having only just discovered it — you know when you’re watching a movie and you’re like WHERE HAS THIS BEEN ALL MY LIFE. that was me and my gal pals as we huddled around my tiny laptop screen to watch this mysterious woman obsessively watch a mysterious man.

this is a thriller that could’ve so easily been sensationalized. instead, it’s a deeply human character study, and little bits of information are meted out over time so there’s (refreshingly) very little exposition. but it’s never once confusing! the viewer is left to interpret each subtle gesture and subtext-filled line, until suddenly it all makes sense and you’re stood up in your seat CHEERING. 

andrea arnold is one of the most empathetic and authentic working filmmakers, and watching this made me even more upset that creative control was wrenched away from her on big little lies season 2. plus, fellow fans of Gone Girl — there’s an amazing scene in here just for us. you’ll know it when you see it ;)

unfortunately Red Road is not streaming anywhere so i can’t help you with that (i got it through dvd netflix because i’m stuck in 2007). be crafty, friends. i’ll see you soon <3